Let’s have a Simple Strength Monday!

It’s time to start a new week with a strong and simple strength workout!  Monday’s strength workout will cover all the basics, including a little conditioning!

We hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed sometime outside, rested and took care of yourself and your family.  Let’s get ready to start a fresh new week of workouts!  Monday we have a simple strength workout that you can do with kettlebells, dumbells, bodyweight or bands!

1 minute work/  1 minute active recovery x 15 rounds

Your active recovery can be any abdominal work or light cardio.

  1. Cleans or Single Leg Deadlift 
  2. Push-Press or Push-Ups
  3. Long Cycle or High Step-Ups

If you are training for Kettlebell Sport:

  • Sets 1-5: One Arm Long Cycle or Two Arm Long Cycle easy
  • Sets 6-15: Max effort!

Enjoy your Day!

Would anyone be interested in a pre-recorded or LIVE morning Yoga Class sometime during this week?  If so, leave a comment and it will happen!  

Here’s the link for our LIVE Class at 7am: