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Good morning!

What an incredible morning it is here at the Jersey Shore.

We’ve got a nice simple single kettlebell conditioning session lined up for you today.

Make sure to warm up with 5 minutes of joint mobility and 2  rounds of kettlebell warm up to get the juices flowing.

We a great interview with Shelly Sonstein of NYC Radio Q104.3 yesterday.

Shelly is a huge supporter of the US Military and our Warrior Challenge event.  She will be attending the event again this year.

Make sure to register online.

If you have any friends that you think may be interested in The Warrior Challenge, please share this link with them.

Sign up for the Warrior Challenge here!!

Today’s workout will be a 3 minute kettlebell and body weight conditioning circuit:

Do each movement for 30 seconds non-stop.

Rest for 1:30 between rounds and complete 6 rounds.

  • kettlbell swings (1 or 2 hand)
  • squat thrusts or burpees
  • snatches or snatch pulls
  • mountain climbers or sit outs
  • kettlebell high pulls or single hand cleans
  • Thusters (1 arm racked or goblet style)

If you choose the single handed movements, stay on one side for the entire 3 minute set and move to the other side on the next round.

How did this work for you?

What weight bell did you use?