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Happy Friday!

Keeping it nice and simple.

These are some of the best training sessions done with one kettlebell.

Do  a two round kettlebell warm up focusing on technique.

5 sets of five reps.

You can circuit through this or partner up and complete 5 sets of each movement at a time.

The get ups can be done for 5 minutes alternating sides (for advanced), or do 5 sets of 1 get up one each arm while performing your circuit.

Another great option would be windmills.

  • Split sq L/R
  • Heavy 1 arm rows L/R
  • Single leg deads L/R
  • Single kettlebellb press L/R
  • Get up or ab choice

Finish up this workout with 100 kettlebell snatches for time.

Advanced men should use  24kg bell.

Advanced women should use a 16 kg.

Otherwise, use whatever weight you can handle.

Windmills are cool!