Happy Thursday!

Here’s another workout that can be done at home or in the gym.

Most of our workouts can be done with minimal equipment anywhere.

If you need any substitutions for any exercise in any workout, please feel free to ask by leaving a comment below.

Start this workout with joint mobility and kettlebell warm up(see video in video library)

On this 10-1 rep ladder, work up to a heavier kettlebell if possible.

Here are the movements.

Circuit through and do 10-1 reps of:

  • Kettlebell snatches r/l
  • kettlebell jerks or push presses r/l
  • kettlebell split squats
  • Pull ups (use weight if possible) or kettlebell one arm row.

Get ready for a little madness here at Training Room Online.

We will soon be streaming our classes live online!!

You will soon be able to log on and watch the class as it’s going on.

We are working out the kinks on this and will hopefully be broadcasting live next week.

Check this thing out!! I think it’s around 300lbs.