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How was your weekend?

Hopefully you had a nice rest full Sunday and are prepared to start out strong today!

It’s the start of another two weeks of training.

The Milkman and I had a great weekend teaching and learning from an incredible group of newly certified kettlebell instructors!

We want to thank Tom Bilella for giving an incredible talk (as usual) on optimizing performance through nutrition.

We also want to thank our good friend, Paul Reddick for bringing in his expertise on how to market your training business.

Anyhow, we’re starting this new week off with some strength.

Start with 5 minutes of joint mobility, two rounds of kettlebell warm up and then hit this single kettlebell 5×5.

5 rounds of 5 reps on each side with a partner or solo.

You can circuit through this if you want.

Take your time and go as heavy as possible using good technique on each rep.

This morning at 6am, we started the group with 5 minutes of alternate arm get ups.

Then did the following strength circuit: 5 reps on each side  and 5 rounds.

Work up in weight.

  • Single arm strict press 5/5
  • Split squat 5/5 (elevated or suspended if you want)
  • One arm kettlebell row 5/5
  • Single leg deadlift 5/5
  • Windmills 5/5 (low or high) or choice of abs

How did you do here?

How heavy did you go?

Did you see The Warrior Challenge Website??