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Single Limb Strength and Balance

Single limb strength and and balance work are of the upmost important and should never be neglected!

The stronger you are standing one leg and the better your balance is will make you a more useful human!

At the Training Room, we ALWAYS have exercise movement choices for every level!

Also, please don’t ever hesitate to ask questions or let us know if you are having any issues as far as pain or injury so they can be addressed and fixed!
Furthermore, every exercise that we do in class can be customized to your needs.
Feel free to explore different movements with or without weight. Find your weaknesses and work on them.

Here’s what we’ve got for you on Wednesday!

60/30 x 4 rounds of this great strength circuit…

Feel free to click on the hyperlinks below for exercise tutorial videos.


Pick 1 cardio choice and do the following intervals

  • 60/30
  • 50/25
  • 40/20
  • 30/15
  • 20/10

Enjoy your Wednesday!

I dare you to try these banded hinges that are great for all levels