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Single Limb Strength

Training Room friends!

Once again…there is a reason why we are doing this single limb strength session and you will notice that we do this at least once per week.

We ALL need to work our weaknesses as well as our balance.

If you are new to this gym or to this website, we welcome to the family! (all of our sessions are well planned out and done for a specific reason)
These are the days that we should slow ourselves down and really focus on the movement.

Maybe try a few new things!

You know, the things that you suck at (try not to avoid them).

Remember, you can ALWAYS stay after class for a finisher if you feel the need for a little conditioning blaster!

Here’s what we have going for Thursday!

Thursday is single limb strength day!

It’s important to work on one side at a time so that you maintain balance in strength and engage your stabilizing muscles for everyday activities!

You may notice one side feels stronger while the other one weaker, or different, and that’s OK… that’s why we do these types of workouts regularly!

So you get BETTER and feel BETTER!

Here you go…

40 Seconds Work / 20 Seconds Rest x 5 Rounds
Complete this as a Circuit and Rest 1 Minutes after each round…

  1. Alternate Ring Rows
  2. Alternate Back Lunges (or any other angle)
  3. See Saw Press (standing overhead, seated overhead or lying down)
  4. Hand to Hand Swings or Alternate Leg Curl (Marching Hip Bridges are good too!)
  5. Ab Choice (side plank, anti-rotation, deadbug with a mace…)
  6. Cardio Choice (Bike, Ski, Run…)

Enjoy this one!

You will leave feeling strong and accomplished!

Don’t foget, we are having our post 8 week challenge social and auction Thursday night at 7:30 PM at the Manasquan facility!

Hope to see your smiling faces!

Who wants to learn this awesome combination??