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Happy Saturday!

How are feeling today?

If you’re feeling a little banged up from yesterday’s challenge workout, you should take it easy today.

If you’re feeling the magic, then you should probably come to class and get you fix!

Just remember to be smart and  listen to your body.

This is why we give you many options.

Today we’ll give you the option of single or double kettlebell strength complexes.

After a nice tow round kettlebell warm up, complete the following…

Single kettlebell option: Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes

  • one handed swings 5/5
  • 10 push ups or hindu push ups
  • kettlebell cleans 5/5
  • kettlebell push press 5/5
  • split squats 5/5
  • one arm rows 5/5
  • walkouts 5

Double bell option: Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes

  • Double swings 10
  • floor press 10
  • cleans 10
  • press 10
  • split squats 5/5
  • low rows 10
  • walkouts 5
  • Double kettlebell overhead walk as long as you can around the building. When you cannot hold the bells overhead any longer, bring them to the rack. If you cannot hold in the rack, farmer walk.

Which one did you do?

How much weight did you use?