It’s a great looking Saturday!!

We hope you had a great week of training.

Here’s a nice simple single or double kettlebell strength workout to get you started off right this weekend!

These single or double kettlebell workouts are fantastic for a large group or even solo at home.

Our ultimate goal is to give you the best training we can that you can do anywhere!

We also want to make sure you are doing the movements correctly and also progressing and getting the results you are looking for.

Please let us know if you are having technique issues along with any other concerns by leaving us a comment.

I am trying my best to answer all of your questions by video response of right here in the comment area.

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Start out with 5 minutes of joint mobility and two rounds of kettlebell warm up.  Make sure to reference the video library if you have any questions on this.

Today will be a strength/conditioning emphasis, but you will take minimal rest between movements.

Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes with a moderately heavy kettlebell or two kettlebells.  Feel free to move up in weight as you go.

We’ll give you a few options as well.

Here’s the movement sequence:

  • One handed swings 5/5
  • 10 push ups, modified or hindu push ups
  • 5/5 kettlebell cleans or snatches
  • 5/5 presses, push presses or jerks
  • 5/5 racked or 10 goblet squats
  • 5/5 one arm rows
  • 5 walkouts or 10 suspended knees to chest (mix it up if you want)

Here’s also a double kettlebell option for you to try out!

Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes!

  • Double kettlebell swings 10
  • Push ups, modified or hindu 10
  • Double cleans or snatches 5 reps
  • Double kettlebell push press or jerk 5 reps
  • Double kettlebell front squats 5
  • Double kettlebell low rows 5
  • Walkouts, Power wheel roll outs 5 or suspended knee to chest 10

Have a great Saturday!!

Let us know what weight bells you used and what options you chose.

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