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Hey Training Room family.

Let’s do some great things today!

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Today we will focus on strength/endurance with either one or 2 kettlebells.

If you are a beginner, you will choose the single kettlebell option.

If you have been training with us for a while, you may want to choose the double kettlebell option of this workout.

In order to keep things flowing efficiently, we will use intervals.

40 seconds work/20 seconds rest of the following movements for 5 rounds.

Start with moderate weight and try to work up with each round.

Circuit through this…

  • Single or double alternate kettlebell cleans
  • See saw press or single arm press (switch on the 20 second mark)
  • Alternate leg reverse lunge (single or double bells, racked or suitcase)
  • Alternate arm bent row or single arm row
  • Ab choice (windmills,get ups,walkouts,suspended plank movements etc..)

Here’s a little explanation of the saw press…