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The benefits of single limb strength training include increased muscle growth, joint health, stability, balance, coordination, injury prevention & decreased overuse injuries… to name a few!

So Let’s get BALANCED and focused on strengthening our weak links with this efficient and effective 20 Minute Kettlebell Circuit!

5 Reps per Side (10 Reps Total)

Circuit through each exercise for 20 Minutes – This is NOT a Race

  1. Split Squat – change the elevations of the front/ back foot for less or more intensity
  2. Strict Pressseated or on the floor seated is most challenging
  3. Single Leg Deadlift – watch these progressions HERE.
  4. Heavy 1 Arm Rowtry to get FULL range of motion!

Finisher Conditioning As Fast As Possible -while maintaining body control

  • 500m Cardio
  • 10yds Crawl/ mt. climbers w/ sliders (10/10)/ power wheel walk (advanced)
  • 400m Cardio
  • 20yds Crawl/ Mt. Climb (20/20) or PW yds
  • 300m Cardio
  • 30yds Crawl/ Mt. Climb (30/30) or PW yds
  • 200m Cardio
  • 40yds Crawl/ Mt. Climb (40/40) or PW yds
  • 100m Cardio
  • 50yds Crawl/ Mt. Climb (50/50) or PW yds

Enjoy the Day!