Tuesday is Strength Day!

Remember, there are ALWAYS modifications and adjustments for you during EVERY Workout!  Ask us for suggestions or alternative exercises, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to adjust to ANY injuries or compensations.

You can use Kettlebells, Dumbells, Medicine Balls or Sandbags for this workout.  Keep it simple or try something new and challenge yourself.  This is YOUR Workout so you want to get the most out of each rep and exercise.  Take your time, it’s not a race!

You will Work for 20 Minutes 

5 Reps per Side (10 Reps Total) 

Circuit Thought the following Exercises:

  1. Split Squat
  2. Strict Press
  3. Single Leg Deadlift
  4. Heavy 1 Arm Row

Finisher Conditioning AFAP:

*you can also substitute Crawling with Bird Dogs or Dead Bugs with resistance (we will show you) if you want a non-crawling option for the finisher.

  • 500m Cardio
  • 10yd Crawl or Powerwheel Crawl, Sliders on Turf or Fertilizer Wheel (in Avon)
  • 400m Cardio
  • 20yd Crawl
  • 300m Cardio
  • 30yd Crawl
  • 200m Cardio
  • 40yd Crawl
  • 100m Cardio
  • 50yd Crawl