Friday is Single-Sided Strength with a 5 Minute Finisher!

Single-Sided Strength Intervals are a great way to balance out the body and give a little extra love to your non-dominant side!

We also have a 5 Minute Finisher you don’t want to miss!

Make sure you are getting enough rest, movement throughout the day, getting outside (even with all the parks closed), and take breaks from all of the screens time too!

While technology is enabling us to continue to teach, work, communicate and “see” each other.. it is just as important to unplug a little bit everyday!

YOGA will be happening Saturday and Sunday this weekend at 9am to Watch Live or Later!

We also have a bunch of things going on for Kids of all ages, community musings, Kettlebell Sport and some videos coming in for our senior clients!  Want anything else?  Let us know!

HERE’s a Video Mike did with a Sledge Hammer!  You can follow along at home anytime!

Here’s Friday’s Single-Sided Strength Workout:

Intervals will be set for 20 seconds work/ 15 seconds rest

You will complete one exercise (Left/ Right) x 5 Each (10 total sets) and then move to the next!

Let’s Go!

  1. One Arm Press Overhead or Floor L/R or 1 Arm Push Up
  2. Single Leg Dead L/R, or Single Leg Hip Bridge L/R
  3. One arm Ring Rows or Dumbbell Rows L/R
  4. Ab Choice #1/ Ab Choice #2

Here is your Finisher:

Pick one exercise and do AMRAP for 5 minutes:

  • Kettlebell push press
  • KB Long Cycle
  • KB Snatch
  • Burpees
  • Squat Thrusts
  • Get-Ups 
  • No hands to the floor on your back and stand up (We will demonstrate this one tomorrow!)


We can’t wait to see you!

Here is the LIVE Link at 7am