Hey guys!

First of all…

Happy end of the week.

This weather couldn’t get any better, right?

We’ll be adding a little bit of variety to our strength session.

Of course we will keep things simple because it the simple things that work and give us results.

Below are a few technique videos posted on different variations of the dead lift.

Check them out for helpful tips.

Suit case dead lift and single leg dead lift are great movements that challenge the body.

But you must do them correctly to benefit from these movements.

Here’s your strength!

We will work off the clock today to keep things efficient.

60 seconds work/ 30 seconds rest x 4 rounds of the following movements.

You can switch hands half way through or stay on one side for the entire interval.

If you stay on one side, you will do the next side on the next round.

  • Single KB suitcase deadlift
  • 1 arm row
  • single leg deads, pistols or assisted pistols
  • 1 arm chest press
  • Side plank