Hey guys..

Today is strength day and you will have the choice between training with bells or sand bags…

We usually do this one as a ladder or 5×5, but today we will do it with timed intervals.

If you have never worked with sandbags before, you should give them a try.

As usual, we will start with joint mobility and a kettlebell warm up.

You will have the choice today between single kettlebell, double kettlebell or sand bag movements.

40 seconds of work with a 20 second rest between movements for 5 rounds

Here is your circuit…

  • See saw press or sandbag shoulder press
  • Alternate kettlebell cleans (one or two bells) or sandbag shouldering
  • Renegade row, one arm row or sandbag bent row
  • Step ups kettlebell or sand bag
  • Ab choice (get ups, windmills, walkouts, power wheel, suspended knees to chest, hanging knee raise)

Do your first two sets with moderate weight, then complete you last 3 with heavy weight but not so heavy that it will compromise your form.

Watch the video for tips…