Six Week Self-Defense Boot Camp

Integrated Martial Arts (IMA)

Robbie Smith (AKA..Stunt Man Robbie), professional stunt man, and former law enforcement agent from the Gold Coast of Australia,  will be presenting his unique self defense system called Cheah. 

Cheah is an extremely practical, integrated martial arts system that involves many ranges of offense and defense.

We’re offering this 6 week program for only $100.

Classes will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7:15 pm.

First class is Monday 11/16/09

Sign up at the gym!

Or, go here to sign up online

Here’s an introduction directly from Stunt Man Robbie himself.

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself, and the very unique martial art and eclectic system of fighting and self defense that is Cheah. My name is Robbie Smith, I am an instructor from Australia in Cheah, and I am conducting a six week program to be held here at The Training Room in order to teach to you the sheer pratical approach to fighting and self defense, by harnessing all a persons power in the execution of a wide range of techniques through the “fighting science” of Cheah. I recently moved to the U.S and was fortunate enough to meet and start training with Mike and Jim here at The Training Room, who I believe to have a truly awesome holistic approach to fitness, and I hope to enhance your training experience here by offering specialized martial arts and self defense classes that is the Cheah system. 
– I have over 20 Years experience in various martial arts, most of which studying directly under Master Wee Hin Cheah, having achieved a black belt inder him in 1992. I have had many years teaching experience as a high level instructor with Cheah, as well as a 10 year police career, including several years as a detective and undercover police operative. My experience sees me apply a very practical and tactical approach to the the teaching of Cheah. 
Master Cheah came to Australia in 1968 and formed his own style based on a very traditional and direct link to modern tae kwon do in malaysia. He was a pioneer and visionary in creating a style that didn’t do away with the traditional art, but enhanced it by bringing in a wide range of practical techniques from many different martial arts, that truly harnesses all of a persons power by understanding the “science of fighting” through human movement in the generation of dynamic speed coupled with the persons whole body weight, and what does speed times mass equal? Power. Master Cheah was teaching this art and train of thought at the same time Master Bruce Lee was pioneering similar teaching methods here in America.
One of master Cheah’s greatest teachings is that not one martial art is supreme, that all have certain “bests” at executing certain fighting and self defense skills, and that we must gather all of these “bests” in our arsenal to be a truly dynamic martial artist. We must be humble and flexible in our learning, which is a continual learning through the art. And the best thing is anyone can learn, its within everyones reach…i’ve even taught paraplegics and people with other physical and mental disabilities. Martial arts is a journey of self discovery in the development of mind, body, and sprit, so come and begin your own personal journey with me on Monday, November 16 at 7:15pm here at The training Room…you won’t be disappointed!”

Here are some brief clips of Stunt man Robbie in action!