Slow Strength Intervals

Monday was a fast paced conditioning session, so we’re changing up the tempo with some slow strength intervals on Tuesday.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Labor Day session on Monday!

Choose from single sided movements or alternate movements in the following mini strength circuits (triplets)….

We wlll work for 1 minute and rest for thirty seconds on each movement.

Take your time when performing the reps, and try to keep them consistent through out each push and pull triplet.

3 rounds at each tiplet:

Triplet 1: 60/30×3

  1. Split squat or alternate reverse lunge
  2. Renegade or 1 arm row R/L
  3. Side plank or weighted side bend

Triplet 2: 60/30×3

  1. Single leg deadlift
  2. See saw press or single arm press choice R/L
  3. Abdominal choice

Triplet 3: 60/30×3 (finisher)

  1. Row or swing
  2. Bike or strep up
  3. Ski or Squat thrust

Don’t forget about our next event!

The Endless Summer Challenge!

September 23 at 8 AM right here at The Training Room.

Get your teams together!

Keep on keeping on!