Let’s Smoke the adipose on Saturday at The Training Room

Not what you think…

Just another way of saying burn the fat!

Let’s go!

We’ve got some seriously efficient adipose smoking conditioning couplets coming at you!

Twenty seconds of work with a ten second rest for 5 rounds (10 sets) of each couplet.

Here are Your 5 Adipose Smoking Couplets

Couplet 1

  • Ski erg
  • kettlebell swing or squat

Couplet 2

  • Bike
  • Bulgarian bag swing

Couplet 3

  • Row
  • Abs

Couplet 4

  • Skaters or agilities
  • Jump pull ups or ring rows

Couplet 5

  • Jump rope or jumping jacks
  • Mountain climb or crawls

Have an AMAZING weekend!