Manasquan:  732-964-4343  |  Avon:  732-988-1555 [email protected]

It’s conditioning day…

Point Pleasant Beach gym will be opened today!

We will be running all classes in the Point Beach gym.

There will be NO 7pm class in Avon today.

We will be running an 8am class in both training facilites on Thanksgiving Day, so get your fix before you go and stuff your face.

Here’s a classic conditioning session.

20 w/10 r x 6 rounds at each station.

Take 2 minutes rest between each 6 round station.

  • Drop squat or jumping split squats
  • Battling rope variations or sledge hammer hits
  • shuttle run or fast step-ups
  • Kettlebell High-pulls
  • Mountain climbers or bear crawls (forward/ backward)
  • Choice: Row, ski, airdyne, jump rope

Have a great time and a great holiday!

Be safe!