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Hey everyone!

We hope your weekend went well…

we are very excited to bring you this weeks training!

We’ll be kicking off the week with a nice simple kettlebell and body weight challenge.

Wake up with some joint mobility and then warm up with a two round circuit warm up.

Circuit warm up

Today’s workout is one of our favorites…

Very simple single kettlebell ladder challenge!

Ladder up and circuit through.

  • Kettlebell snatches 1/1-10/10 or Snatch pulls 2-20 or swings 2-20
  • Burpees 1-10
  • Jump rope 10-100 (revolutions) or Jumping jacks 10-100
  • Here’s the Milkman reporting from his basement

Here’s a very similar variation done with push ups instead of burpees and some extra credit on the jump rope.

Let us know how you did with this.

Have a great week!