Solo or partner AMRAP Challenge for Tuesday.

This solo or partner AMRAP can be done on the bike, rower or ski erg.

It will be a great benchmark test, and ALSO the beginning of our training for the upcoming ROW for HOPE.

These are the conditioning workouts that should NEVER be skipped because they test our physical and mental endurance.

Who doesn’t need that?

If you truely want to improve yourself, you will need to push the limits a bit.

Tuesday will be the perfect day for this!

Make measurable progress in March!

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you.

Just like most Training Room workouts, its very simple, because simple is what gets the results.

Do this one solo, or with a partner of similar skill/fitness level.

Choose one of the following items…

  1. Bike (1000 meters)
  2. Rower (500 meters)
  3. Ski erg (500 meters)
The clock will be set for 30 minutes, and you will row (500 meters), bike (1,000 meters), or ski (500 meters).
  • If doing this with a partner, one person works while the other rests (then you switch)
  • Solo people will rest for the amount of time it took to complete the distance). So ir it took 2 minutes to row 500, your rest is 2 minutes.

See how many sets you can do on 30 minutes.

4 weeks from now, we will repeat this to see if there’s improvement.

Let’s have some fun with this and push ourselves to the next level.

Have and great Tuesday!