Some Strength for YOU!

Hey Training Room family. We’ve got some strength for you on Thursday!

Many of you are asking if we have recieved any updates on the gym opening…

Nothing yet…


We are currently working on putting together outdoor equipment training packages for anyone who wants them.

These packages will be for sale at a resonable price.

Furthermore, we’re thinking of including some of the following items in the packages that can be easily transported to any outdoor location such as the beach.

We will be able to utilize these items ALL Summer long!

  • straps/suspension system for rows etc
  • fillable and reusable sandbags that can be emptied and stored when done using (at the beach)
  • Resistance bands
  • Rope flow ropes (multipurpose)

Of course many of you already have your equipment from the gym that you can still use.

Since we are unsure of when we can open up the doors, we feel that the next step will be outdoor training in open space such as the beach.

We will keep you posted as things unfold!

Tune in below for our LIVE or recorded strength session!

Here’s our Freesstyle Strength for Thursday

30/20 x 5 fresstyle strength

  • any upper pull (RR, pull-up, static, rope, Kb, etc.)
  • any squat (goblet,mace, sledge hammer, pistol, split,etc.)
  • any upper push (kb or db OH press, leverage press, push-up, dips, etc.)
  • any lower pull) swing, dead, snatch,clean, supers, hip brigde, LC,etc.)
  • any Ab (rotations, anti, planks,dead bugs, bosu etc)


  • 1 min on / 1min off
  • 1 min on / 50 off
  • 1 min on /40 off
  • 1 min on 30 off
  • 1 min on 20 off
  • 1 min on, 10 off
  • 1 on

DO any Cardio, KB sport, burpee, ETC.

Let us know you were here!

Don’t give up!