Sprinting into Wednesday

With some max effort sprints

Some like to call it HUMP DAY…

Attack that hump by sprinting up it!

We will be doing max effort sprints a The Training Room on Wednesday!

Did you enjoy Tuesday’s strength session?

The focus on Wednesday will be to go as hard as you possibly can for 20 seconds.

With that said…

You will need more recovery so that your next sprint can be effective.

Do you remember doing this one about a month ago?

20 seconds of work with a 40 second rest for 8 rounds at each station.

Here are your stations…

  1. Battle ropes or intertia wave
  2. Wall ball or burpees
  3. Jump pull or high pull
  4. run or bike

Rest for 1:20 between each 8 round station.

Pro tip: This can be done in teams of 3 people on one piece of equipment.

For example:

Person 1 goes for 20 seconds while person 2 and 3 wait, then person 2 goes while person 1 and 3 wait. Person 3 goes for 20 seconds and when finished, it’s time for person 1 again.

The Inertia Wave would be a great option for this workout…

Let’s have some fun with this!

Make it a great Wednesday!