Do 40 second static holds at each station with 20 seconds of rest between each station.

Do 5 rounds with a minute rest between rounds
  • Static pull up hold (bar or rings)or ring row hold 
  • Squat hold (keep good form at paralell) with or with out weight 
  • Overhead kettlebell walks 
  • Static low back extension (on the glute ham or supermans) 
  • Walkout holds or plank 

The Ultimate Kettlebell and Body Workshop is filling up!

There are people coming from near and far including Peurto Rico!

Here's a cool video from yesterday.  I like to bring my girls to the gym on Sunday, get a littlle sweat breaker and let them break loose a little too.

I just like to let them play around.  Sometimes they don't even realize that I have the video on them.

There's a lot we can learn from just watching kids play!