Lets start the day off right!

Kicking the holiday weekend off with some statics.

Start out with joint mobility and then move on to a kettlebell warm up.

Today’s workout will be our Static Strength circuit with a few cool options.

We’ll do 45 seconds of work with a 25 second rest for 5 rounds.

We’ll rest one minute between rounds.

Here’s the circuit:

  • goblet squat holds
  • pull up or ring row holds
  • overhead walks with your choice of object (kettlebells,slosh pipe,keg,sandbag or even handstand)
  • low back extension or supermans
  • plank,walkout plank or power wheel walk

Have some fun with this.

Happy hour will be in the court yard after the 5pm class!

Monday’s Memorial Day Class will be at 8am at the East End Ave Beach (Warrior Beach)

This will be the only class of the day!