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Happy Saturday!

Weather wise, this weekend looks like a 10!

Nice cool temps in the Am makes for epic court yard training conditions.

Look out!  We’ll be adding a few more tricks to our arsenal next week!

We’ve got Zach Even Esh starting up at The Training Room.

He’ll be bringing his Underground methods to the Jersey Shore starting Tuesday.

The madness keeps evolving!

Today’s Workout

This is always a good one to throw in to mix things up and push everyone outside the the comfort zone.

Static Holds: 40 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 5 rounds

  • Pull up, rope or ring row holds
  • Squat holds (90 degrees) body weight, kettlebell. or med ball
  • Overhead walks, kettlebells,dumbells,sand bag,keg, or slosh pipe
  • Back extension holds/supermans (body weight or weighted)
  • plank, walkout holds,or Power Wheel walks

Take a minute rest between rounds if needed.

Have a fantastic weekend!