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Stationary Intervals

20/10 Stationary Cardio Intervals!

Let’s have a GREAT start to the weekend with this Stationary Tabata Intervals Workout!

You will work fast and hard for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds before the next exercise!  There is a total of 8 exercises with about a minute rest between rounds.  Let’s break a good sweat and get that heart pumping!

20/10×8 Stationary Intervals:

  1. swings, cleans, snatch, standing jumps or broad jumps
  2. Mt. climbers or shoulder taps
  3. Jump-pulls or high pulls
  4. Run in place or shuttle run
  5. Push-press or 1/2 burps
  6. Air squats, drop squats, surfer squats, split squats
  7. Knees to chest
  8. JR, JJ’s, or cardio choice

Home Video: Conditioning Couplets

20 work /10 rest x 5 rounds

Couplet 1:

  • Pushpress
  • lateral step or hops

Couplet 2:

  • High or jump pull
  • Squat thrust or slam ball

Couplet 3:

  • Shuttle or run in place
  • knees to chest

Couplet 4:

  • Drop squat
  • Mt. Climbers Or crawl

Couplet 5:

  • Jump rope or Jumping jacks
  • swings or broad jumps

Total Time = 29 minutes

Here’s the Video: