Saturday is a STRENGTH DAY!

You will be STATIONARY during Saturday’s Workout.  You can choose between the KETTLEBELL or BODYWEIGHT options!

20 Seconds Work/ 10 Seconds Rest or Hold
5 Rounds (Rest 1 Minute between rounds)


  • Clean Right/ Rack Hold
  • Press Right/ Hold Overhead
  • Split Squat Right / Hold Squat
  • Row Right / Hold at Ribs
  • Walkout or Plank / Hold Plank
  • Repeat with the Left Side

This equals ONE Round! You will complete 5 Rounds.


  • Supermans/ Hold (arms forward/ side/ behind you/ etc…)
  • Push-Ups/ Hold in Plank or Low Push-Up
  • Split Squat / Hold
  • Ring Row (can be single arm) / Hold
  • Walkout or Plank / Hold
  • Repeat!

This equals ONE Round!  You will complete 5 Rounds.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!