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Stationary Strength

Training Room Family!

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We are asking you to register for the Warrior Challenge by the end of this week if you can so that we can order t-shirts and make the appropriate preparations for October 30th!  

Thursday we have an incredible Stationary Strength Workout:

Intervals: 20 sec work/ 20 sec rest x 6 rounds

You will rest 1:30 after each Set

  1. Split squats L/R (Rest 1:30)
  2. Floor Press L/R (Rest 1:30)
  3. 1arm ring rows or KB rows (Rest 1:30)

Finisher: 20/10 x 6 rounds

  • Ab Choice
  • Cardio choice

Time to put in some WORK!!!

Here’s a Single Sided Strength Video Workout!  Time to Balance OUT at HOME!