Strength and Balance

Everyone needs both strength and balance. This is why we like to program these type of training sessions into each week at The Training Room weather you realize it or not.

You can be as strong as an ox, but if you cannot stand on one foot without falling over it (being strong as an ox) doesn’t do you much good.

As we age, unless we are working on these (strength abd balance) particular skills, they will be lost which may put our bodies into compromising situations that can cause injury.

Obviously, Thursday is a strength focus, and if you have read this far into the post, that means you care!

If you have not tried out this single leg deadlift variation, it won’t kill you to try!

Here’s your simple single limb circuit for balance and strength.

60/30 x 4 rounds

  • Single leg deadlift
  • 1 arm press choice
  • Single leg squat choice
  • 1 arm row choice
  • Abs
Don’t leave before the finisher (you know who you are) 

Choices per level of fitness

  • Advanced: 60/30 (full rest) cardio choice until you hit 100 calories
  • Intermediate: 60/30 (full rest) cardio choice until you hit 80 calories
  • Beginners:60/30 (full rest) cardio choice until you hit 60 calories


If your name is up on the board at the gym, make sure to register for ROW for HOPE.

GO here! 

Have a great Thursday!