Strength and Cardio Combo!

Thursday will be a mixed bag consisting of strength and cardio combo.

Let’s work hard and get a little bit better today!

FYI, we will most likely be running our usual Memorial Day schedule for Monday which is usually an 8 am session in each Training Room location.

Keep an eye out here, on Training Room app or your email.

Part one will look like this…

Twenty Minute Circuit at your own pace.

Ten reps of each of these movements with weighted or body weight options available.

  • 10 kettlebell swings or deadlift choice (including single leg hinges)
  • Push ups
  • Cleans or high pulls
  • Presses (kettlebell or dumbbell singles, doubles, or landmine option)
  • Squat choice including single leg, split squat or goblet squat
  • Row choice (kettlebell, dumbbell, bands or even body weight rows/pull-ups
  • Abs including Bulgarian bag, sliders, med balls, power wheel
  • Cardio calories (bike,row, ski erg)

Once you’re done with part 1, we will move on to part 2 cardio circuit which will look like this…

4 rounds of the following…

  • 250 meters (bike 500), run the building
  • Step ups 20 total (you can also push the sled)
  • Mountain climbers 15/15
  • 10 kettlebell high pulls
  • 5 half burpees, or slams

Have a fantastic Thursday!