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Strength & Conditioning

That’s right, some Training Room Workouts are purely strength (with a finisher) and some are mostly conditioning based… but once in awhile we throw in a nice hybrid for you to get the best of both!

Here’s what we will be doing at the Training Room on Friday!

Strength & Conditioning:

Intervals: 20 work /20 rest x 6 rounds:

  • Squat Press
  • One Arm Row or Pull Up or One Arm Ring Row 
  • Walkouts, Power Wheel, Scooter or Roller (modify this one by decreasing your range of motion and keeping your spine strong… here’s a VIDEO
  • Kettlebell Deadlift, Clean or Snatch 
  • Dips (modified) or Push-Ups 
  • Hanging or Floor Knees to Chest

Below is the pre-recorded workout description as well as the video link.  You can choose to do either workout at home.  If you choose the first one just use a timer on your phone and take a screen shot of the exercises.  Throw on some good tunes and your all set!

Strength Supersets

15/15 x 10 Total Sets (5 each)

Repeat for 2 full rounds.

Set 1:

  • ring rows, pull ups, 1 arm rows, renegade row variations
  • push ups

Set 2:

  • Swings, deadlifts or supermans 
  • squat choice

Set 3:

  • Ab choice 
  • Cardio choice

Here’s a video link if you don’t live local or can’t make it to the gym!  Keep sending us comments, suggestions and words of wisdom!  We love to learn, listen and improve each day.