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Strength and Conditioning Challenge

Team Training Room!


  • There will be a FREE beach training session with Alicia THIS Sunday (July 4th) at 7am in Avon… come learn some new things and get in a great beach workout!
  • July 21st at 5PM in Avon is the Filthy Fifty Challenge!  Make sure to be there for a GREAT Event!
  • We have also started our Athlete, Middle and High School Classes for the Summer Session!  Check out our programs and packages in both Manasquan and Avon for the perfect fit for you and your families!

Here’s Thursday’s Strength and Conditioning Challenge:

30 minutes… As Many Rounds As Possible

  • 5pull-ups or 10 ring rows
  • 10 Push-ups or Dips
  • 15 Bodyweight squats or 15yd Lunge
  • 20 mountain climbers or 20yd crawl
  • 250m cardio choice

Let’s see what you’ve got!!!

Here’s a Doubleheader Strength workout for all those wanting a follow along video at home!