Strength and Conditioning Combo

Kicking off the week with the best of both worlds for your Monday at The Training Room.

We’ve got a fun strength an conditioning combo.

60/30 x 6 total rounds (3 of each circuit)

Strength circuit and cardio circuits will look like this

Alternate between the strength and conditioning circuits with each round.

Thirty seconds of movement with a thirty second static hold x 3 rounds on the strength circuit.

Strength Circuit (30 easy/30 hard/30 rest x 3 rounds)

  • Ring rows or Pull-ups
  • Suspended leg curls or superman’s
  • Push-ups or overhead press
  • Goblet squat

Cardio Circuit (30 seconds easy / 30 seconds hard/ 30 seconds rest x 3)

  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • JJ, JR, step ups, sled

Keep showing and making small improvements each week!

Let’s GO!