Strength and Conditioning Hybrid Circuit

We’ve got a nice mixture of strength and conditioning for you on Thursday at The Training Room,

It’s a strength and conditioning hybrid circuit, and if you want some extra credit, hang around for the finisher.

This strength and conditioning circuit will be done in for 4 rounds.

Here’s what it will look like….

Thirty seconds of work with twenty second rest between the stations.

Adjust your weight and speed of movement to make this more of a strength session or conditioning session if you want, but it IS designed to be a little bit of both.

Have some fun and challenge yourself!

Circuit: 30/20 x 4 rounds

  • Ring rows, ring pull-ups, or Jump pulls
  • Kettlebell clean squat press
  • Side plank, twist or Bulgarian bag swing
  • Jump rope, jumping jacks, or step ups
  • Superman’s, swings, hinges or wall hinges
  • Press choice (kettlebell, dumbbell, landmine, sandbag, medicine ball, push ups)
  • Plank or crawl
  • Bike, ski, or run

As always, you will get out what you put in!


Ladder down 10-2 on half burpees or push-up plank and alternate with a ladder up of 2-10 squat jumps!

Our famous Turkey Day Relay is coming up on Thanksgiving.

There WILL be registration for this, so watch out for that.


Our annual Holiday Party will be held on Friday, September 9 at the Avon Marina (same as lst year).

You DO NOT want to miss this one.

Have an amazing Thursday!

Throwing it back to 2015 Turkey Day Relay