Strength and Conditioning Triplets  

Wednesday’s workout is a hybrid of strengh and conditioning.  Each triplet will focus on either upper body, lower body or core strength and all will have a conditioning component!  

Let’s keep the body moving and the heart rate up without completely crushing yourself!  Strength and conditioning classes are a great way to cross train and keep yourself injury free.

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If you missed it the first time, when we were closed and only doing live workouts due to Covid-19 some of our members went ALL OUT and made this AMAZING VIDEO of a “Pick Your Poison” Workout! It’s a MUST SEE!!


Strength & Conditioning Triplets

30 seconds work / 20 seconds rest x 4 Rounds

TRIPLET #1 – Upper Body Focus

  • Push Ups
  • Pull Ups or Rows
  • Easy Cardio

TRIPLET #2 – Lower Body Focus

  • Squat
  • Hip Bridge or Leg Curl
  • Easy Cardio

TRIPLET #3 – “Core” Focus

  • Ab Choice #1
  • Ab Choice #2
  • Hard Cardio

Let us know how you do!  Send a comment, make us laugh, and know that we are ALWAYS here for YOU!

Follow along with our Strength and Conditioning Triplet Workout: