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Strength and Conditioning Triplets

Training Room Family!

We are always here for you to help you get stronger, healthier and reach your goals.  Training Room Members have become a community of some of the best humans ever!

Thank you for all that YOU do!

We will always encourage YOU to work hard and smart during each of your workouts.

Stay tuned for our class schedule & times on Monday!  We will likely have ONE class each at TR Avon, Warrior Beach Avon and TR Manasquan!

Saturday is a perfect combination of STRENGTH and CONDITIONING with these 10 Minute Triplets!

Strength and Conditioning 10 Minute Triplets

Triplet 1)

  • 10 back lunges /
  • 10 ring rows, pullups, or 1arm rows /
  • 100 JR or 50 JJ’s:

Triplet 2)

  • 5/5 cleans, or 10 High pulls /
  • 5/5 push press /
  • 10 10yd shuttle runs, 100yd run, or 50 quick step-ups:

Triplet 3)

  • 10 knees to chest /
  • 10/10 twist or oblique crunch /
  • 10 cals cardio choice:

Training Room at HOME Members:

Pick your Poison HOME VIDEO Workout!  Training Room STYLE!

  • Any Squats (racked, goblet, bodyweight, split, cossack, alternate lunges, lunges, jumping, static hold, etc.)
  • Posterior Chain Exercises (Swings, supermans, high pulls, birddog, cleans, snatches, single leg deadlift, hip hinge, hip bridge, suitcase deadlift, etc.)
  • Upper Body Presses (push press, strict press, push up variations, etc.)
  • Upper Body Pulling Exercises (rows, ring rows, pull ups, renegade rows, etc.)
  • Ab Choices (plank, side plank, bicycles, get ups, windmills, crawling, mountain climbers, walkouts, v-sits, brian’s running abs, no hands get up, etc.)
  • Combination Exercises (clean/squat, clean/press, clean/squat/press, etc.)

Workout with us!  Exercises are picked out of a hat in the video so get ready for some FUN!