Strength and Power Couplets

Come in to The Training Room on Saturday for some strength and power couplets.

Did you know there’s actually a method to our madness?

We aren’t just throwing out random workouts for no reason.

One of the reasons that you will see some of the same workouts repeated is because we want you to get better and see results!

Some variety is OK, but the only way to see results is by consistency in programing and repeating movements/workouts.

It is beneficial both physically and mentally to do the workouts that you DO NOT “LIKE”.

This is how we evolve and improve.

None of us are getting younger, BUT we CAN maintain youthfulness and quality of life.


Trust the process, show up, train hard, ask questions and sign up for events!

Paricipating in events give us attainable goals to train for.

Events are ALSO fun and bring us together.


Come on in Saturday morning for a dose of of Training Room medicine.


Strength and Power Couplets

30/20 x 5rounds of each superset/couplet

Couplet 1
  • Swings
  • Squats
Couplet 2
  • Push-up or press choice
  • Row or pull up choice
Finisher 30/15 x 5 rounds 
  • Ab 1
  • Ab 2
  • cardio choice 

Crush the rest of your weekend!