Let’s Move and Static Hold for Strength Today!

Tuesday’s Workout is a combination of Moving through your normal Range of Motion and Static Holds!

Make sure you keep good form and technique while moving through the first 30 seconds, and find a comfortable position where you can maintain a good static hold.  Always lighten the weight if you thing you can’t maintain good form and posture!

Here’s the Breakdown:

60 Seconds Work / 30 Seconds Rest x 4 Rounds

Each Minute of Work is:

30 Seconds Move through Normal Range of Motion / 30 Seconds Static Holds 

You will complete 4 rounds of the following Circuit:

  • Squats / hold half squat
  • Push Ups / hold bottom of push up or plank
  • Super Mans or Hip Bridge / hold in engaged position
  • Rows (one arm or ring rows) / hold with elbows pulled back
  • Ab Choice / hold in plank or walkout or v-sit (or choose Ab exercise #2)

Conditioning Finisher:

Intervals: 60/30, 60/25, 60/20, 60/15, 60/10

Pick 1 or 2 exercises i(f you pick 2 exercises, alternate each set)

Try to maintain your numbers or distance each round!  Sure to be a kicker!

Move and Hold Strength Workout with Team Training Room: