Saturday Strength and Sweat!

Your Saturday strength and sweat session will be 5 Minutes of non-stop strength action and will be topped off with a Training Room style finisher.


  • There will be NO evening classes on Monday, July 3 (normal morning schedule)
  • Tuesday class will be held at 8 AM ONLY!

Here’s your 5 minute strength circuit (do 4 rounds of this)

Do each movement (5 movements) for one minute and rest for 1 minute after each 5 minute round:

  1. Single leg deadlift  L/R or hip bridge
  2. Overhead press R/L, floor press R/L, or shoulder taps
  3. Split squat or step downs L/R
  4. 1 arm kettlebell ro dumbbell row or Ring row L/R
  5. Plank or walkouts


Go through this 2 times

20 seconds of work /10 seconds rest

  • Swings or Jumps
  • Crawl or mountain climb
  • Drop squats
  • Push ups opr push press
  • Ab choice 

Have a safe and healthy weekend!