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Strength Circuit with Body Weight and Band Options

Hey Training Room crew!

Remember that we will ALWAYS find a movement option that serves you the BEST!

Also, there is ALWAYS a body weight ONLY option for you if you’re not feeling the weights that day.

Furthermore, dumbbells can usually be subbed for many kettlebell movements 🙂
Again, don’t just NOT come to the gym because you feel that you cannot do some of the exercises or that you’re afraid of doing certain things.

SPEAK UP if you are having any issues (we ALL have them) and we will help you with whatever you need.

30/30 x 5 round strength circuit with options
  • Any dead lift or hinging movement (AKA “Skinny Mike hinges” with bands etc.)
  • Chest or shoulder press or push ups
  • Pull-up or row choice (assisted etc)
  • Ab choice (so many options to choose from)
  • Easy cardio (take your pick)


Singe or double kettlebell with body weight options if you need.

  • Thirty seconds of cleans, swings or body weight hinges 
  • 30 seconds Jerk, push press or push up options (could be shoulder taps or crawls)
  • Thirty seconds jumping jacks ,jump rope, or run in place or shuttle

Have a super fantastic Friday!

Please drop us a comment below to let us know you were here to visit 🙂