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Monday Strength Circuit

THIS Friday (Avon at 6PM) is our 2nd Beers & Bells of 2021!

6 Minute Kettlebell Sport or Burpee (partner optional) Sets!

Here’s Monday’s Strength Workout: 

Double or Single Kettlebell Circuit:

60 seconds work / 30 seconds rest  x 4 Rounds

  1. Cleans or alt double cleans
  2. Press or See saw press
  3. Alt. Back lunges or weighted step ups
  4. 1 arm or renegade rows
  5. Ab choice

Finisher 40 / 20 x1 Round

  • Swings, jumps, or squats
  • crawl or plank
  • skaters
  • sq thrusts or slam
  • run, jacks, JR, or Bulgarian bag

Let us know how you enjoyed this workout!

Training at HOME!

Play around with this warm-up! (video)

You will work for 1 Minute followed by 1 of Active Rest 

  1. Cleans, Snatches, Swings or Supermans
  2. Push Press, Kettlebell Jerk or Hindu Push-Ups
  3. Long Cycle (Clean & Press), Alternate Back Lunges or Step Ups

Examples of Active Rest:

Rope Flow, Jumping Jacks, Small Steps, Jog in Place, Jump Rope, Marching…