5-Minute Strength Complex

Tuesday’s workout is an awesome strength complex.  You can choose to use traditional kettlebells, dumbells or bodyweight exercises.

It is SO nice getting outside and seeing you for our workouts!  Each week we plan on adding a few more classes as we see the need so keep your eyes on the schedule!

Also, if you aren’t using the equipment that you borrowed at home anymore you can return items anytime you come to class.  Make sure you tell whomever is teaching so that we can cross your name off the list!

There are a few new faces in the courtyards make them feel welcome!  Everyone’s FIRST Training Room Workout is ALWAYS memorable and we aim and hope to make it a good memory… and a great workout!

Tuesdays 5 Minute Strength Complex 

Choose a kettlebell, dumbbell or body weight movements 

The intensity of the workout can be increased or decreased by choosing heavier or lighter weights, adjusting your range of motion or speed/ tempo of reps!

Let’s GO… 

Intervals will be at 30 seconds.  Complete each exercise on 1 side and then repeat on the other side.  You will rest 1 minute after each 5 Minute set, completing a total of 5 rounds!

  • Cleans, single leg deadlift or body weight hinge
  • Press or single arm elevated push up
  • Split squat (with or without weight), drop-ins, reverse lunge
  • Single are row
  • Abs, walkouts, shoulder taps, crawl around your kettlebell

Repeat this sequence other side and then rest for 1 minute before your next round.

Want something more?  Here’s a classic finisher:

Ladder up on one exercise while laddering down on another.   

Alternate between two exercises:

  • Swings or step ups 20-2
  • Burpees or squat thrusts 1-10 or Jump rope 10-100 (by 10’s)

Here’s the video of the workout we recorded a few weeks ago!  Let us know how you are doing and if you are struggling at all with anything and we will get you back on track!