Strength & Conditioning Circuits

Thursday’s training incudes TWO Strength and Conditioning Circuits!  The main focus is strength, but sometimes we like to throw in a little conditioning to the mix!  Let’s work hard, smart and leave feeling BETTER than you arrive!

Your Intervals are…

30 work / 20 rest x 4 rounds each circuit

Circuit #1

  • Supermans
  • Push-ups
  • Knee to chest
  • JR or JJs

REST 2 minutes between circuits

Circuit #2

  • Squat jumps, deck squats, Alt. back lunge
  • Ring rows or pull-ups
  • Side plank or twist
  • Run in Place

Finish with 1 time through everything!


15 work/15 rest x 6 rounds:
  • Clean R or birddog (1 side)
  • Clean L or birddog (other side)
  •  Press R or 1 arm push up
  • Press L or 1 arm push up
  • Split Squat R
  • Split Squat L
  • Row R
  • Row L
  • Ab Choice
  • Cardio

Let’s do this!

Here’s the link to our Strength Workout for Thursday: