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Strength & Conditioning Day

Let’s get fired up for an incredible strength and conditioning workout!

Training Room Family!  The days are getting longer and YOU are getting stronger!

This conditioning workout will be a full body BLASTER!

40 work /20 rest x 5 or 6 Rounds!

You can use the first round as a continuation of your warm up!  And then really kick it into high gear for the next 5 rounds!

  1. Cardio Choice (rower, bike, ski, run, jumping jacks, quick feet, light sled if available…)
  2. Push up plus shoulder tap (or lateral cross over walk), or crawling (try to move your spine!)
  3. high reps squats (surfer squats or jumping lunges) or skaters (try to stick the landings!)
  4. bicycles or single leg cross over v-sits (switching legs)
  5. inertia wave, slam ball, sledge hammer or wall ball (high rep squat press – wall not necessary)
  6. Cardio Choice #2 (could be the same or different!)

This can ALL be done stationary!  LOTS of options and substitutions.  We may not always remember all the variations and substitutions but they are a plenty!

Have some fun with this!

Here’s an OLD School Conditioning Circuit!  A TRAINING ROOM Original!