Strength Conditioning Hybrid

We will be repeating the last 4 week cycle!

We also kick off our 8 week reset challenge Monday!

If you signed up, we’re having our first meeting Monday night at the Manasquan facility at 7 PM.

If you haven’t been there yet, the address is 63 Atlantic Ave.
There should be plenty of parking in the municipal lot adjacent to the gym lot.

If you have not signed up yet, but would like to, go here.

Monday is a strength conditoning hybrid day….

Here’s your double strength conditioning hybrid circuit with plenty of options for whatever your feeling.

30/20×4 rounds

Double circuit

Circuit 1

  1. ring rows or pull-ups
  2. squat choice
  3. plank choice
  4. Jump rope related activities, jumping jack related things or some type of stepups

Circuit 2.

  1. kettlebells swings or high pulls
  2. push-up choice
  3. twist choice, mace swings or rotational slams
  4. cardio choice

Have a fantastic week!