Strength Conditioning Hybrid

Happy Monday to all Training Room characters and online Training Room folks alike!

Because we want you to get better…

We are kicking off an entire 4 weeks full of new traininig sessions!

Day 1 is this very awesome strength conditioning hybrid session that can be adjusted for ALL levels including Skinny Mike!

This hybrid can be done with your OWN body weight or added weight via kettlebell, dumbbells, sandbags, maces, bands etc…

We are adding a little conditioning into the mix for Monday because we know many of you will probably be crushing some bad Super Bowl food.
SO, Let’s have a focused week and make ourselves a bit better!

Here’s your strength conditioning hybrid which will be performed at intervals of 60/30 x 4 rounds.

We will alternate between conditioning pieces and strength/power movements.

You will also notice that strength/power movements are set up as couplets of thirty seconds in an agonist/antagonist fashion (more fancy words for you).

  • Row
  • 30 seconds push-ups, 30 seconds ring rows or pull ups
  • bike
  • 30 seconds dead lift, swings, cleans, 30 seconds squats (body weight peeps can do 60 seconds step up/down or lunges)
  • ski erg
  • 30 seconds standing med ball rotations, 30 seconds of some type of knees to chest activity. (also dead bugs and bird dogs can be used)

Get your kettlebell swing alternatives here!

For those of you who are looking for some alternative movements to the kettlebell swing, watch the video below.

Since tomorrow’s session will include hinging movements such as swings, cleans and dead lifts, here are a few other things you can try if you aren’t feeling the swings for some reason.

Also, if you are having low back pain during ANY of these movements, please let us know so we can address any technique issues.