Strength Conditioning Hybrids for Wednesday

Hey Training Room family!

Wednesdays session will be a great combo.

It’s a strength conditioning hybrid (combination of both).

Remember, you can ALWAYS vary your intensities to make this session more of a conditioning session or to focus on strength.
Whatever you’re feeling!

Don’t ever bee afraid to lighten things up if you’re tired, or go a little heavier IF you’re feeling magical, but not so much to compromise your form.

We at The Training Room understand that everyone has their favorites.

The intervals for Wednesday will be 1 minute of work 1 minute of rest for 5 rounds of this strength and conditioning circuit..

Circuit through these movements, work hard, but have some fun!

As usual, this session is set up the be able to accomodate ALL levels of fitness.

You will have the choice kettlebell sport, with body weight calisthenic or cardio choice.

  • SIngle or double kettlebell  clean or snatch or alternate reverse or lateral lunges
  • Single or double kettlebell push press or jerk or Push-ups (any variation)
  • Single or double kettlebell long cycle or cardio choice

Use your minute rest as active recovery (keep moving around)

Have the best Wednesday!

Watch the video for some insight on what we have planned at The Training Room.

Because we love you and want you to get better…

Watch this!