Monday is Strength Day

Let’s start this week STRONG with some STRENGTH COUPLETS, a Conditioning Finisher and some Extra Credit Mobility Work!

This is the last week of our 8 Week Training Cycle!  How have you liked the workouts?  There were some changes including the approach to strength days, warm-ups and mobility work.  We have tried to make each workout scalable for ALL levels, abilities and interests.  And along the way we have acquired 3 Training Room Hits Playlists.  So cool!

If there is anything you would like to see in our NEW Training Cycle NEXT week, let us know!


Intervals are: 15 second work / 15 second rest

20 Total Sets at each Couplet (10 Each Exercise)

Couplet 1:

  • Heavy Swings, Broad Jumps or Deadlifts
  • Push Ups

Couplet 2:

  • Ring Rows or Pull Ups
  • Ab Choice (L-sits/ sliders, power wheel or scooters/ side bending variations)

Finisher 100 Calories Total:

  • Rower
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • Step-Ups
  • Burpees
  • Jump Rope (100 = 10 Cals) or Jumping Jacks (50 = 10 cals)


90/90 Hip Stretch & Pigeon Pose

  • You should have NO knee pain during these stretches.  If your hips are really tight, try elevating your front hip with support (block, mat, pad or small step).  Hold each side for at least 90 seconds x 2 rounds!

Have a GREAT start to your week!