Wednesday is Strength Day

Strength Days are the BEST Days! Time to get a little ROTATIONAL action with these Strength Couplets!

You will complete 2 Couplets at 30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest for 5 Rounds!

Couplet #1

  1. See Saw Press (With Rotation)
  2. Renegade Row or Alternate Ring Rows

Couplet #2

  1. Hand to Hand Swings, weighted hip bridges or birddog
  2. deadbug, bicycles or knees to chest with light resistance (bands or light ball/ weight)

Conditioning Finisher

Pick and 2 cardio exercises:

  • 30 work /30 rest until you hit 100 calories. Beginners should aim for 80 calories!

Watch this VIDEO below of Mike doing SEE SAW PRESSES WITH ROTATION!

We ALL Need to move our SPINES MORE!